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Real Location Pty Ltd provides trusted GPS tracking systems that give an real location in real time for peace of mind. Be it an individual waterproof device for a solo adventurer or athlete, or a system for a vehicle, our GPS tracking solutions are cost-effective, reliable and provide accuracy in pin-pointing location.

The company was founded in 2013 by three Directors – George Shield, Philip Verner and Peter Shield – who are passionate about providing out-of-the box solutions to everyday problems.

With a background in engineering, IT and sport event management they set out to develop a lightweight, waterproof GPS tracking device that provides accurate and affordable technology to aid individuals, event organisers, emergency services and more.

Through trials at elite sporting competitions and remote trip monitoring they honed their GPS tracking devices and monitoring system.

Real Location also provides tailored RFI (Radio Frequency Interface) cards for schools, community groups and event organisers who need to track individuals (with the use of a scanner).