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At Real Location we’ve been fortunate enough to work with many organisations and individuals on developing custom tracking solutions for their events and needs. We’ve provided tracking solutions for elite events such as the Singapore Marathon and Sydney Marathon and popular events like the Cystic Fibrosis Car Rally and the Brisbane BMW Bike Ride. Core to our success is our tracking systems provide real location in real time to an accuracy of 3 metres updated every 10 seconds. We also specialise in multiple GPS tracking – ideal for events where you want to track numerous participants and support teams.

Individual athletes participating in the Queensland Triathlon series have worn our trackers and enabled family and friends to track their progress in real time.

We’ve also supported CrimeStoppers with the Red Frog workers wearing trackers at Schoolies Week.

Over the following pages you can read more about each of our case studies on how our trackers have been used to provide peace of mind for event organisers, family, friends and more.