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Real Location provides peace of mind with GPS tracking in real time, within 3 metres, updated every 10 seconds, for $1 a day*. We specialise in providing tracking services for multiple devices in real time.

Real Location devices provide peace of mind and trace-ability to athletes in:

  • Multiday, multisport competitions
  • Triathlons
  • Running events – e.g. Marathon
  • Cycling
  • Canoeing/Kayaking
  • Car rallies

Outdoor educators undertaking camps, hikes and other outdoor pursuits would have peace of mind knowing that their location could be easily found should they be in distress.

Real Location trackers are ideal for large events where staff and volunteers, such as first aid and security, are on the move and need to be found, particularly in an emergency or for TV/filming purposes e.g. to cover the lead position in a race.

Remote reassurance
Whether you’re heading bush or beach, a Real Location GPS tracker can show your location in real time, anytime, so that family and friends know where you are.

Multiple GPS tracking
We specialise in providing custom solutions for large events where multiple GPS trackers can be monitored in real time for the duration of the event – supporting event organisers and emergency crews.

Emergency Assistance
When fitted with our Real Location GPS trackers, volunteers at large events can be directed easily to assist emergency services when needed.

Asset Protection
Keep valuable assets protected with a Real Location GPS ‘shield’. As soon as your asset leaves its location it can be tracked.

From $1 a day
If you’re into adventure, sports or just want peace of mind, you can have a Real Location real-time tracker plugged into the Telstra network for $1 a day. That’s a cost-effective solution that gives peace of mind.

*Location accuracy and reporting speeds are subject to GPS coverage and 3G network availability.